This is a classic cottage garden designed for a bungalow in Cullompton, Mid Devon. The challenge here was to take a bland rectangular front lawn and turn it into a showpiece country garden.


Front gardens are particularly important as they make a first impression for visitors and passers by. It's often harder to start from a blank canvas because there is nothing existing to work with! Except in this case the there was a whole array of plants and materials to be worked into the design. This included over 30 plants and shrubs that were brought in pots from a previous property and about a tonne of stones collected from the back garden!


I was pleased to oblidge with making use of the materials and found some fine roses such as David Austins​ in amoungst the plants. I found the perfect use for the rocks - to cover a manhole which was a real eyesore! The stones filled and tied these shapes together, as they had come from the site originally they gave an instantly authentic and grounding feel to the garden.

The flower beds and borders are designed with permaculture principles this helps to reduce the need for weeding and watering to fit wth the clients busy lifestyle. As time goes by here the plants will mature and become denser giving more shapes and structure. For now the young shoots add to the atmospheric cottage garden feel!







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