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Introducing... Natural Design Studio

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

And so these are the beginnings of Natural Design Studio - a garden design company which exists to change the world. One garden at a time.

We are very excited to announce the spring launch of Natural Design Studio,

Our years of formative experience have led us to launch Natural Design Studio, a holistic garden design company that focuses on designing gardens which are sustainable, restorative and regenerative. We are create stunning designs that will improve the wellbeing of our clients, and have positive effects on the environment.

And so welcome to our website and blog - where will share news, tips, advice and stories about sustainable gardening and landscape design. You will also catch glimpses of our journey behind the scenes as we launch Natural Design Studio, a purposeful and pioneering business.


As is considered polite we'll begin by introducing ourselves, we are a husband and wife team who live for the outdoors. We have been lucky enough to travel and experience the awe of nature and its beauty across the planet. As well as its role in our survival we know that nature is vital to support all ecosystems and species on earth - there is increasing awareness that humans have had a detrimental effect on the planet and so we understand our part in reversing these changes. Individuals have the potential to restore and replenish natural systems. We design gardens that tap into this potential.

“Research indicates that private gardens in Britain cover an area bigger than all of the countries nature reserves combined…” - Devon Wildlife Trust

When you consider this fact it's easy to comprehend the effect that gardens have on our environment. With over 10million acres of private gardens in the UK it's time that we designed gardens sustainably, carefully selecting materials and planning spaces to enable humans and wildlife to thrive.

Phoebe Aubury

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would tell you that I wanted to change the world, I had no particular idea on how I was going to do that... but I knew that's what I wanted to do. I was an artistic and philosophical child, my career evolved through campaigning during my years as an art student, supporting individuals as a youth and community worker and effecting change whilst working in the business sector. Eventually I realised that the common thread throughout these roles was making positive changes to help people, and I turned back to my creative roots to do this. I treat each and every garden as an opportunity to draw upon my love of nature, art and design, business and community to create a world that is better.

Clive Aubury

When I was a kid, I didn't really get to explore the outdoors as much as I'd have liked to. So, I made up for it as an adult! I started off studying arboriculture at College and then studied Outdoor Adventure Education at Uni and taught outdoor sports such as kayaking and climbing. I then spent many years working in gardening and landscaping. Eventually I started my own company Clive's Country Gardens where I have made it my mission to promote sustainable gardening, I have built the business around ethical and environmental values. Gardening to me is about looking after nature, through the work we do I aim to have a positive impact, good for our clients, good for nature and for the local community too!

​In collaborating with Phoebe, I see a lot of potential, as well as sharing our horticultural and design skills we have a lot of vision - and you’ll often catch us volunteering and sponsoring local gardening projects together! We work hard to come up with sustainable alternatives, and if they don't exist, we'll pioneer new ones!

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