Upon arrival at this site was a vast mud slope that descended all the way to the house. There was no space to entertain or enjoy as it was dangerous for family and guests due to 2m unretained drops.

The retaining wall was built with earth bags, using mud excavated from the site. This method is strong, eco friendly and cost effective. Retaining walls usually have a huge carbon footprint with materials such as cement and concrete blocks, but this garden does the opposite, it is a true living wall with plants that contribute positively to the ecosystem. The wall was planted with flowers and succulents which appear small here in thier first season but will soon cover the wall in masses of colourful blooms.

This transformation was achieved using 100% local and recycled materials, the rocks came from an old barn conversion and the slabs came from a reclamation yard. The space is now safe and accessible for family and friends. It is ready to enjoy and has plenty of functional area to invite guests and entertain.


Sloped Garden





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