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I began studying Art & Design before becoming a PA in the business sector.  Although the organisation required for that career came naturally to me it wasn't fulfilling to my creative self, so after having our first child I turned back to design. I studied garden design whilst working with my husband’s  firm (Clive's Country Gardens). The natural progression was that we started Natural Design Studio, where we could design gardens full time. ​Clive and I collaborate,  sharing our horticultural and design skills - and you’ll often catch us volunteering and sponsoring local gardening projects together!

At Natural Design Studio we specialise in designing stunning, sustainable spaces that enhance your lifestyle and wellbeing.

Our passion for nature is central to our garden design process. We design gardens that are restorative and regenerative to both people and the environment. We see the need for gardens to be recognised as an important part of the modern ecosystem, supporting  wildlife far beyond the walls of the garden.

It is important for us to understand our clients, we have a thorough consultation process where we take the time to get to know you, your needs and personality. We have developed a signature style which places ecology at the heart of landscape architecture and pushes the boundaries of what  design can achieve.

We expertly apply a multi-disciplinary approach to pioneer new methods in landscape construction,  our thriving garden design studio brings innovation and cutting edge materials to our projects internationally. Our vision is to restore the environment one garden at a time, we believe that the future is one where humans thrive thanks to a greater understanding and connection with the natural world.

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Phoebe Aubury

Garden Designer


Clive Aubury

Director of Clive's Country Gardens