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This is a very special garden tailored to enhance the health and wellbeing of it's owners. The garden was previously unmanagable and was most often overgrown or used for storage.


It needed transforming into a clear, low maintenance space for relaxing, eating and entertaining.


The layout we applied was very simple and open, this helped the garden to feel spacious and inviting. The garden wraps around three sides of the house so we were able to create different zones with defined uses, such as a breakfast and coffee area, relaxing area, hot tub and barbeque zone as well as a dining space.

In addition to these key functions the garden is hyper productive. It is specially designed so that every single plant and flower is either edible, medicinal or useful. It is filled with species such as Chamomile, Echinacea, Verbena, Fruit Trees and all kinds of herbs and vegetables. These plants will be enriching to daily life, ending up on the table as nutritous foods and fresh tea infusions. This garden will truly give back to it's owners, adding joy and value to thier everyday lives.


City Garden





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